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A website about achieving the Financial Freedom with my Forex eBook and Trading Room

Wealthified aims for the only goal of achieving the Financial Freedom (or Financial Independence). According to the dictionary, the meaning of it is: you have assets that generate income (or cash flow) that is at least equal to your expenses. Or simply you have enough wealth to live on without working. To different people this means slightly different. To me, it means that I do not have to work anymore for money, and at the same time I am able to afford my dreams, and I still have a lots of free time to myself. In a conclusion, Financial Freedom means having obtained wealth. Hence I named all my stuff Wealthified.

Wealthified W
Several years ago I have spent a considerable amount of time to find myself a business to do. A business, where I will also be able to achieve my Financial Freedom. After all, I have found about the Forex market. Simply by not giving up, and trying out pretty much everything; I was able to build up something to make good money there. And to achieve the Financial Independence in Forex, I needed to have a trading system which can be profitable in any market condition, and yet I only need a little time to spend with it.
Wealthified W
I can proudly say that I made it, and created a trading system where I am building up my wealth. I have successfully done this before, and built up my live account from $1,500 to $120,000. Now I would like to also share this possibility to people who give me their trust. Therefore, I also shared and explained everything in the eBook I wrote, and helping you to get the same results as I do in my Premium Trading Room. I have also started a Forex PAMM Managed Account. It can be the perfect solution for investors, and to people who do not wish to trade themselves.
To sum up, I am helping people to reach their Financial Freedom.


March, 2021

Because still only a few events are tradeable every month, I have started to trade my breakout system. I am able to trade it almost every day, with lower risk. It is a good addition for some extra profits.

January, 2021

After a very slow year, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The financial markets are stabilizes now, the vaccines are coming and everything is going back to normal soon. Trading as well.

October, 2020

The second wave of the covid is rumbling, and trading is still not the best. Trading only the best events now, they are still profitable. Stay safe with your family.

Managed Account

I am able to accept clients to my managed forex account from every country now, also from the USA!  

June, 2020

Website is under construction. It seems I will be able to trade again with my normal risk.

April, 2020

I didn’t have any trades. I wouldn’t have thought that the global situation become so extreme, nothing seems tradeable for now.

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