Trading Room

You can walk through the journey of achieving the financial freedom alone, or you can travel by my side and under my mentorship.


If you choose the lonely path, you can find everything you will need in my eBook. After reading it, I am sure you will be profitable if you consistently follow the rules. But maybe not as profitable as doing it with someone who has done it before. Therefore, I have also created an online trading room, and if you have purchased my eBook, the first month will be free. After the free month the price is nominal.

I will be online in the trading room a few minutes before each trading session. I will comment on everything I see, share my thoughts, plans, experience, and adapt to the current market conditions if necessary.
You can copy all of my trades in real time. After the last trade of each week
I will create a plan about the next week’s trades to look for.

Please note that you can only have access to the Trading Room if you have already bought the eBook.

In order to keep tracking the performance and billing easier, Trading Room accesses are always valid for exact calendar months.
Therefore, whenever you buy the eBook or a Trading Room access, your access will be valid from the first day of the next calendar month.